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Top – 50 Economics GK Questions Answer for SSC Exams

Economics General Knowledge Questions

Q41.The 1st computer made available for commercial use was

Q42.Human Development Index was developed by
Ans-Amartya Sen and Mahbub-ul-Haq

Q43.What is dual pricing?
Ans-Price fixed by Government and Price in open market

Q44.“Bad money will drive out good money from circulation,” This is known as
Ans-Gresham’s Law

Q45.NIFTY is associated with
Ans-NSE Index

Q46.Kisan Credit Card scheme was introduced in

Q47.When were the minimum wages act enacted in India?

Q48.The Liquidity Preference Theory of Interest was propounded by

Q49.The time element in price analysis was introduced by
Ans-Alfred Marshall

Q50.Who is authorized to issue coins in India?
Ans-Ministry of Finance

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