Art & Culture General Knowledge

Indian Art & Culture General Awareness Questions & Answer

Indian Art & Culture General Awareness Questions & Answer

Q1.The Ranganath Temple is situated at


Q2.What is ‘Vishva Mohini’?

Ans-The title given to Lata Mangeshkar for her contribution to music

Q3.Who is considered the father of Sahatara (Sitar)?

Ans-Amir Khusro

Q4.Which has been the field of activity of Pt. Bhimsen Joshi?

Ans-Classical music (Vocal)

Q5.Where did the dance form ‘Mohini Attam’ develop?


Q6.Yamini Krishna Murthy is famous for which style of dancing?


Q7.Which is the most ancient musical instrument of India?


Q8.Who is believed to have created the ragga ‘Miyan Ki Malhar’?


Q9.With which musical instrument is Hari Prasad Chaurasia associated?


Q10.How many strings are on a Sarod?


Art & Culture General Knowledge History India

IADP- Intensive Agriculture Development Program 1960

IADP- Intensive Agriculture Development Program 1960

  • IADP was the first major experiment of the Indian government in the field of agriculture.
  • IADP Program was launched as the first major experiment in intensive agriculture development in the year 1960.
  • When IADP was taken up in 1961 and it paved the way to an Adoption Breakthrough for Green Revolution in India.
  • It aimed at diffusing technical know-how, credit and agricultural technology to step up agricultural production in selected districts so that it may have the demonstrations effect.
  • The government of India invited a team of agriculture experts sponsored by the “Ford Foundation” to make a careful study of Indian agriculture and make recommendations future actions.
  • Ford Foundation intensive agricultural district program is known as the “Package program”.
  • It was launched as the pilot project first in 7 districts of 7 different states. These 7 districts are given below.

State                              District
Tamil Nadu               Thanjavur
Andhra Pradesh       West Godavari
Rajasthan                   Pali
Madhya Pradesh      Raipur
Uttar Pradesh           Aligarh
Punjab                        Ludhiana
Bihar                           Shahabad

General knowledge Question/Answers about Intensive Agriculture Development Program(IADP)

Q1- IADP__
Ans- Intensive Agriculture Development Program.

Q2. Ford Foundation is also known as-
Ans- Package Program.

Q3. The team Ford Foundation visited India early in___.

Q4. IADP was the first major experiment of Indian government in the field of
Ans- Agriculture.

Q5. Package programme was launched in their districts in___.
Ans- 1960.

MRTP act– Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices act 1969

Art & Culture General Knowledge

Best GK questions and answer from art and Religion culture

Here are  the top  Important questions and answers  from Art.these questions and answers are selected by our top experts and best for competitive Exams.

01 The Persian epic Shahnama was written by Firdausi
02 Mohenjadaro literally means Mound of Corpes
03 The Classic “Measure for Measure”was written by William Shakespeare
04 The composer of Geet Govind was Jayadev
05 By the middle of the 1st century,the city that was famous for fine arts was Pataliputra
06 The first Cartoonist to win the B.D.Goenka Award was R.K.Laxman
07 The magazine started by M.Karunanidhi was Murasoli
08 Shakespeare’s last play was The Tempest
09 Bismillah Khan is a famous Musician
10 Bismillah Khan specialises in Shahnai Vadan
11 The famous museum located in Hyderabad is Salarjung
12 Vinoba Bhave,author,started a famous movement known as Bhoodan Movement
13 Geetha Pravachan in Marathi was written by Vinoba Bhave
14 The ancient Buddhist University Nalanda was located in the state of Bihar
15 The architectural style in which Taj Mahal is built is Indo persian
16 Rabindranath Tagore won the Nobel Prize for his book Gitanjali
17 Tamil Ramayanam was authoblack by Kambar
18 The oldest collection of stories in India is Kathasaritsagara
19 The instrument played by Ustad Ali Akbar Khan is Sarod
20 The Biography of Dr.Samuel Johnson was written by James Bosewell
21 Subramanya Bharthi was a noted Poet
22 K.V.Subbabba,who won the Magsaysay Award was from Heggodu,Karnataka
23 The heroine of the film `Cleopatra’ was Elizabeth Taylor
24 “Bhagvatgeet”the movie which won the Lotus Award was made in which Language Sanskrit
25 The only Indian actor to have received the Oscar award is Satyajit Ray
26 Bhimsen Joshi is associated with Hindustani Music
27 The B.C.Roy National Award for the year 1981 was received by Dr.Harindranath Chattopadhyaya
28 National Anthem of India was written by Rabindranath Tagore
29 The first film of Ashok Kumar was Jeevanayya
30 The dancer who,inspite of losing one leg,dances and acts in films is Sudha Chandran
31 The studio owned by Raj Kapoor and his family is R.K.Studios
32 The author cum adventurer Thomas Edward Lawrence was famous for Lawrence of Arabia
33 William Wordsworth was also known as Nature’s Poet
34 Robert Benchley acted in the film Author
35 A comedian who insublack his nose for Ten lakh dollars was Jimmy Durant
36 The earlier name of film star Devanand was Dharam Devanand
37 The real name of Dilip kumar is Yusuf Khan
38 Bala Gandharva was a famous Stage actor
39 Bala Gandharva was so named by Bal Gangadhar Tilak
40 The lead role in Tamil film Nayakan was played by Kamala Hasan
41 Hollywood is located in California,USA
42 The book `Life Divine’ was written by Aurobindo
43 The editor of the book `Indian Cartoons’ is Abu Abraham
44 Canterbury Tales was written by Chaucer
45 Orthography means the art of Correct Spelling
46 The book “Mad,Mad,Mad,World of Indian Cinema” was written by K.A.Abbas
47 The National Gallery of Modern Art is located at New Delhi
48 “Les miserables” was written by Victor Hugo
49 The first opera ever performed was Persi Dafni
50 The word “Opera” means Works