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Top – 50 Economics GK Questions Answer for SSC Exams

Top – 50 Economics GK Questions Answer

Q1.The decimal system of Indian currency was started in

Q2.Antyodaya Programme is associated with
Ans-upliftment of the poorest of the poor

Q3.Under which Act/policy was the BIFR established?
Ans-Sick Industrial Companies Act

Q4.The main source of revenue for a State Government in India is
Ans-Sales tax

Q5.What does National Income mean?
Ans-The total value of all goods and services produced in the country during a period of one year.

Q6.When was the Jawahar Rozgar Yojna launched?

Q7.Reserve Bank of India was nationalized in

Q8.Where is the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade Located?
Ans-New Delhi

Q9.The Centre for Agriculture Marketing is located at

Q10.NABARD is the name of a
Ans-Specialised bank to help agriculture

Q11.The RBI issues currency notes under the
Ans-Fixed Minimum Reserve System

Q12.Who estimated the National Income for the 1st time in India?
Ans-Dadabhai Naoroji

Q13.The Accounting Year of Reserve Bank of India runs from
Ans-July to June

Q14.Who presented to Union Budget in 1970?
Ans-Indira Gandhi

Q15.Imperial Bank was constituted in the year

Q16.The Oilseeds Production Programme was Launched in

Q17.The new Agriculture Strategy in India was introduced in

Q18.SEBI was set up in

Q19.Rashtriya Krishi Bima Yojana was introduced in

Q20.One rupee notes are issued by the
Ans-Government of India

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