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Top – 50 Economics GK Questions Answer for SSC Exams

Economics Questions Answer for all Competitive Exams

Q21.Which is the first Indian company to be listed in NASDAQ?

Q22.State Bank of India was previously known as
Ans-Imperial Bank of India

Q23.SIDBI stands for
Ans-Small Industries Development Bank of India

Q24.NABARD stands for
Ans-National Bank of Agriculture and Rural

Q25.When was the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana Launched?
Ans-January 2016

Q26.When was the Mumbai Stock Exchange set up?

Q27.Who prepares National Income in India?
Ans-Central StatisticalOrganization

Q28.Prime Minister’s Ujjwala Yojana is related to
Ans-Free distribution of LPG connections to socially backward classes.

Q29.Who was the 1st Indian governor of the Reserve Bank of India?

Q30.Purchasing Power Parity theory is related to
Ans-Exchange rate

Q31.Price theory is also known as
Ans-Micro Economics

Q32.Fixed cost is known as
Ans-Overhead cost

Q33.Who is called the father of Economics?
Ans-Adam Smith

Q34.The term “market” in Economics means
Ans-A central place

Q35.Who said, “Economics is the Science of Wealth”?
Ans-Adam Smith

Q36.Who propounded the Innovation theory of profits?

Q37.Who propounded Dynamic Theory of profit?

Q38.Who said ‘Supply creates its own demand’?

Q39.‘Hire and Fire’ is the policy of
Ans-Mixed Economy

Q40.What is an octroi?

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