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Fathers of different fields- General knowledge Question answers

Fathers of different fields- General knowledge Question answers

Q1. Who is the Father of Indian Constitution?
Ans- Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.

Q2. Who is the Father of Scientific Management?
Ans- Frederick Winslow Taylor.

Q3. Who is the Father of Humanism?
Ans- Francesco Petrarca.

Q4. Who is the Father of Geometry?
Ans- Euclid of Alexandria.

Q5. Who is the Father of New France?
Ans- Samuel de Champlain.

Q6. Father of Genetics:
Ans- Gregor Mendel.

Q7. Father of the Green Revolution:
Ans- Norman Ernest Borlaug.

Q8. Father of the Green Revolution in India:
Ans- M.S Swaminathan.

Q9. Who is the Father of History?
Ans- Herodotus.

Q10. Father of Geography:
Ans- Eratosthenes.

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Indian Geography mcq question with answer

Indian Geography mcq question with  answer

Q1. The southernmost point of peninsular India, that is, Kanyakumari, is-
a- South of the Equator.
b- South of the Capricorn.
c- North of the Equator.
d- North of Tropic of Cancer.
Ans- (c) North of the Equator.

Q2. The Yarlung Zangbo River, in India, is known as-
a- Ganga.
b- Mahanadi.
c- Brahmaputra.
d- Indus.
Ans- (c) Brahmaputra.

Q3.The number of major ports in India-
Ans- (b)13.

Q4. The most fertile region of India is-
a- The Central Highlands
b- The Himalayas
c- The Indo-Gangetic plain
d- Peninsular plateau
Ans- (c) The Indo-Gangetic plain.

Q5. Which below mention city is not on the river bank of Ganga-
a- Lucknow
b- Bijnor
c- Varanasi
d- Kolkata
Ans- (a) Lucknow.

Q6. Which one is the largest forts in India-
a- Chittorgarh Fort.
b- Gwalior Fort.
c- Red Fort.
d- Golkonda Fort.
Ans- (a) Chittorgarh Fort.

Q7. How many states are within Indian Deccan Plateau-
a- Six
b- Seven
c- Eight
d- Nine
Ans- (c) Eight.

Q8.Valley of Flowers National Park is found on the mountain of-
a- Nanda Devi
b- Kamet
c- Siniolchu
d- Kangchenjunga
Ans- (a) Nanda Devi.

Q9. The Himalayas covers an area of-
a- 3 lakh sq. km
b- 4 lakh sq. km
c- 5 lakh sq. km
d- 6 lakh sq. km.
Ans- 5 lakh sq. km.

Q10.Tadoba national park known for sheltering tiger panther and bear is:
a- Karnataka.
b- Assam.
c- Tamil Nadu.
d- Chandrapur (Maharashtra).
Ans- (d) Chandrapur (Maharashtra).

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Books and Authors in India- General knowledge with questions/answers

Books and Authors in India- General knowledge with questions/answers

Q1.Who is the author of Devadas?
Ans- Sarat Chandra Chatterjee.

Q2. Who is the author of Dharmashastra?
Ans- Manu.

Q3. Who is the author of Eternal India?
Ans-Indira Gandhi.

Q4. Who is the author of Fortynine Days?
Ans-Amrita Pritam.

Q5. Who is the author of Gitanjali?
Ans-Ravindra Nath Tagore.

Q6. The author of Gora.
Ans-Ravindra Nath Tagore.

Q7. The author of Indian Home Rule.
Ans- M K Gandhi.

Q8. The author of Jajar, Churashir Maa.
Ans- Mahasheta Devi.

Q9. The author of Kore Kagaz.
Ans- Amrita Pritam.

Q10. The author of Kumar Sambhava.
Ans- Kalidas.

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Latest GK questions and answers from Geography

Here are  the top latest 100  Important questions and answers  from Geography.These questions and answers are selected by our top experts and best for competitive exams.

1.Which of the following is a Trans- Himalayan river?

A) Ganga     B) Yamuna
C) Indus     D) Ravi
Ans-C) Indus

2.The state having largest area under waste land is

A) Rajastan     B) Gujarat
C) Madhya Pradesh     D) Jammu and kashmir
Ans-A) Rajastan

3.Which ‘ water Body ‘ separates Andaman and Nicobar Islands

A) 10 Degree Channel     B) 11 Degree Channel
C) Andaman sea     D) Bay of Bengal
Ans-A) 10 Degree Channel

4.Which latitude passes through the middle of India?

A) Equator     B) Arctic Circle
C) Tropic of Capricorn     D) Tropic of Cancer
Ans-D) Tropic of Cancer

5.Which state is in the eastern most state of India

A) Assam     B) Nagaland
C) Arunachal Pradesh     D) Manipu
Ans-C) Arunachal Pradesh

6.Railway passenger coaches are manufactured at

A) Varanasi     B) Chittaranjan
C) Perambur     D) Kolkata
Ans-C) Perambur

7.The two Volcanic islands in the Indian territory are

A) Kavaratti and New Moor     B) Bitra and Kavaratti
C) Pamban and Barren     D) Narcodam and Barren
Ans-C) Pamban and Barren

8.India lies in the hemisphere

A) Northern and eastern     B) Southern and eastern
C) Northern and western     D) Southern and western
Ans-A) Northern and eastern

9.Which foreign country is closest to Andaman Islands

A) Sri Lanka     B) Indonesia
C) Myanmar     D) Pakistan
Ans-C) Myanmar

10.The Eastern coast of India is known as

A) Eastern plateau     B) Bengal Coast
C) Coromandal Coast     D) Cyclonic Coast
Ans-C) Coromandal Coast