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Gk about United Nations Organization- Questions with Answers

Here is the Basic Gk about United Nations Organization- Questions with Answers. these Question Answers are selected by our top-level expert and Best Gk about UN

Q1. Which year was the United Nations established?
Ans- In 1945

Q2. The United Nations Day celebrated?
Ans- 24 October

Q3. Where is the headquarters of the United Nations?
Ans- New York

Q4. Who is the present Secretary-General of the United Nations?
Ans- Ban Ki-Moon

Q5. What are the six main organs of the United Nations?
Ans- 1.General Assembly
2.Security Council
3.Economic and Social Council,
4.Trusteeship Council
5.International Court of Justice
6.UN Secretariat.

Q6. How many countries are there in the United Nations?
Ans- 193 countries.

Q7. Which two countries are not a member of UN?
Ans- Vatican City and Taiwan

Q8. Which countries are the permanent members of the United Nations?
Ans- United States of America(USA)
United Kingdom (U.K)

Q9. Who was the first woman president of United Nations General Assembly?
Ans- Mrs. Vijay Lakshmi Pandit

Q10. Who is the first man to give a speech in the United Nations in Hindi?
Ans- Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Q11. Who has the right to ‘veto’ in the United Nations?
Ans- Permanent members of the Security Council.

Q12. What is the meaning of ‘veto’ in the United Nations?
Ans- I refuse to say that prohibitive votes

Q13. How does the veto power work?
Ans- the Two-thirds vote in both the House and the Senate.

Q14. What are the main objectives of the establishment of the United Nations?
Ans- Maintaining international peace and security.

Q15. Which name is the UN library known as___
Ans- Hummershold Library

Q16. Where is the original copy of the United Nations Declaration Safe?
Ans- In the National Archives of America

Q17. Name the Chief Administrator of the United Nations?
Ans- General Assembly.

Q18. How old is the tenure of General Secretary?
Ans- 5 years

Q19. When was the United Nations headquarters ready?
Ans- In 1952

Q20. What is the headquarters of the United Nations International Children’s Crisis Fund (UNICEF)?
Ans- New York (USA).

Q21. Who donated the land to United Nations Headquarters?
Ans- John D. Rockefeller

Q22. What is the United Nations Executive Council?
Ans- Security Council.

Q23. What is the first specific organization associated with the United Nations?
Ans- International Labor Organization

Q24. Is Russia part of the UN?
Ans- in 1991.

Q25. When did China become a permanent member of the UN Security Council?
Ans- 24 October 1945.

Q26. What are the objectives of the United Nations?
Ans: 1- To maintain international peace and security.
2- To develop friendly relations among nations on the basis of equality and the principle of self-determination.
3- To foster worldwide cooperation in solving economic, social, cultural and humanitarian problems. 

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