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World History-General Knowledge Questions and Answer For SSC

World History-General Knowledge Questions and Answer For SSC

Q1.When was the league of nations established?
Ans-In 1920

Q2.The development process under capitalism has been described as”Creative Destruction” by

Q3.The ‘last super’ a famous Renaissance Painting was a masterpiece of
Ans-Leonardo da Vinci

Q4.Who speaks of Cabinet system as”the steering wheel of the ship of state”?

Q5.Who said, ‘The state exists because crime exists in society, otherwise there would be no need of a state’?
Ans-Herbert Spencer

Q6.Who said that ” Where there is no law there will not be liberty”
Ans-John Locke

Q7.Who said, “Man is a social animal”?

Q8.Who said, “Where there is no law, there is no freedom”?

Q9.Who said, “Liberty consists in obedience to the general will”?

Q10.Who said that “Man by nature is a political animal”?

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