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SSC CHSL Exam 2017 GK Questions With Answer

SSC CHSL (10+2) Exam 9 Jan 2017 GK Questions With Answer

Q1.Who gave the term “exology”?

Ans-Ernst haeckel

Q2.who invented Electric tram?

Ans-Fyodor pirotsky

Q3.Pablo piasso belonged to which country?


Q4.Hottest Planet of solar system is___.


Q5.In which state Nalanda university is located?


Q6.What is the term period of rajya sabha members?

Ans-6 years

Q7.Who assassinated Mahatma Gandhi?

Ans-Nathu ram ghodse

Q8.In which state desert festival is celebrated in India?


Q9.who Authored “Glimpse of history”?

Ans-Pt. Jawaharlal nehru

Q10.Theory of Relativity was given by?

Ans-Albert Einstein.

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