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SSC CHSL (10+2) Exam 2017 Gk Questions with Answer

SSC CHSL (10+2) Exam 8 Jan 2017 Gk Questions

Q1.What is the salary of president of India?


Q2.who gave Mahatma Gandhi title of ”father of the nation”?

Ans-Subhash chandra bose

Q3.who discovered the concept of venn diagram?

Ans-John venn

Q4.Who of the following is the author of ”A suitable boy”?

Ans-Vikram seth

Q5.Quit India movement was started inwhich year?


Q6.Who of the following is current defence chief of India?

Ans-General Bipin rawat

Q7.Chipko movement is associated with which activity?

Ans-To stop cutting of trees

Q8.Name the first nobel prize winner in physics?

Ans-Wilhelm conrad rontgen

Q9.Kaziranga national park is famous for____.

Ans-Great Indian one horned rhinoceros

Q10.Choose one of the cause of ozone layer depletion.


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