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100- GK Questions and Answer asked in Railway RRB Exams

100- GK Questions and Answer asked in Railway RRB Exams

Q1.Year of the Rowlatt Act?

Q2.What river is called the Sorrow of Bengal?

Q3.Is viticulture the production of?

Q4.Which year did Swami Vivekanand deliver his famous speech in ‘World Religion Conference’ in Chicago?

Q5.The first international cricket match was played between?
Ans-USA and Canada

Q6.Who discovered Penicillin?
Ans-Alexander Fleming

Q7.Which country celebrated January 4th as its independence day?

Q8.Deficiency of Vitamin A causes?

Q9.Was polio vaccination discovered by?
Ans-Jonas Salk

Q10.Odd one out- Square, rectangle, circle, triangle, octagon?

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