General Knowledge March

General Knowledge (March)-2018 Question with Answer

General Knowledge (March)-2018 Question with Answer

Q1. Which city Union Textile Minister Smriti Irani Attends 27th IJIRA?
Ans- Kolkata.

Q2.Who inaugurated Attends 27th (IJIRA) In Kolkata?
Ans- Smriti Irani.

Q3. Which country does President arrive in India on the three-day visit?
Ans- Vietnam.

Q4. Which country signed Pact For Rooppur Atomic Plant with India and Russia?
Ans- Bangladesh.

Q5. Who is elected as Next Armenian President recently?
Ans- Armen Sarkisian.

Q6. Bhartiya Janata Party(BJP) conquers a thriving victory in Tripura by dethroning, many years of Left government.
Ans- 25 years.

Q7. Current Chief Minister of Meghalaya state?
Ans- Conrad Sangma.

Q8. When did Conard Sangma take the oath of Chief Minister?
Ans- March 6, 2018.

Q9. Which country to win Snooker Team World Cup?
Ans- India.

Q10. To form a government in Meghalaya at present, a party or coalition requires a minimum of ____.
Ans- 30 seats.

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