United Kingdom- General knowledge and current affairs Gk-2017

Q1. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as the_____.
Ans-United Kingdom (UK).

Q2. Great Britain (GB) or simply Britain, is a sovereign country in.
Ans- western Europe.

Q3. Anthem of the country?
Ans- “God Save the Queen”

Q4. The capital of the United Kingdom (UK)?
Ans- London.

Q5. The largest city in the country?
Ans- London.

Q6. Official and National Language of the country?
Ans- English.

Q7. The demonym of the country?
Ans- British(Briton).

Q8. Monarch of the United Kingdom (UK).
Ans- Elizabeth II.

Q9. Prime Minister of United Kingdom?
Ans- Theresa May.

Q10. The currency of the United Kingdom?
Ans- Pound sterling(GBP; £).

Q11. Total Area of the country?
Ans- 242,495 km2 (93,628 sq mi).

Q12. Area rank of the country?
Ans- 78th.

Q13.Who was the last Anglo-Saxon King of England?
Ans- Harold Godwinson.

Q14. In which year the unified Kingdom of Great Britain was formed after Scotland joined with The Kingdom of England?
Ans- 1707.

Q15.Which one is the longest river in the United Kingdom?
Ans- River Severn.

Q16. The Oxford University was founded in the year.
Ans- 1167.

Q17. In which year Elizabeth I becomes the Queen of England?
Ans- 1558.

Q18. Who was the first Prime Minister of England?
Ans- Robert Walpole.

Q19. Summer Olympics held in London over the years.
Ans- 1908, 1948 & 2012.

Q20. The Remembrance Day is also known as_____.
Ans- Poppy Day.

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