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United States- General knowledge and current affairs Gk- 2017

Here are the United States- General knowledge and current affairs Gk- 2017

Q1. The United States of America (USA), commonly known as the______.
Ans- United States (U.S.) or America.

Q2.The motto of the country?
Ans- In God We Trust.

Q3. Anthem of the Country?
Ans- The Star-Spangled Banner.

Q4. The capital of the United States of America?
Ans- Washington, D.C.

Q5. Largest City of the country?
Ans- New York City.

Q6.National Language_____.
Ans- English.

Q7. demonym ___.
Ans- American.

Q8. President of the Country?
Ans- Donald Trump.

Q9. Vice President of the country?
Ans- Mike Pence.

Q10. Speaker of the House in the USA.
Ans- Paul Ryan.

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