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Australia- General knowledge and current affairs Gk-2017

Australia- General knowledge and current affairs Gk-2017

Q1. Australia is a country and continent surrounded by___.
Ans- the Indian and Pacific oceans.

Q2. Australia officially the____.
Ans- Commonwealth of Austra.

Q3. Anthem of the country?
Ans- Advance Australia Fair.

Q4. The capital of the Country?
Ans- Canberra.

Q5. The largest city in the country?
Ans- Sydney.

Q6. National language____.
Ans- English.

Q7. Demonym.
Ans- Australian(Aussie).

Q8. Monarch of Australia?
Ans- Elizabeth II.

Q9. Governor-General of the country?
Ans- Sir Peter Cosgrove.

Q10. Prime Minister o Australia?
Ans- Malcolm Turnbull.

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