Here are the Japan- General Knowledge & current affairs Gk-2017

Q1. Anthem of Japan__.
Ans- “Kimigayo”.

Q2. The capital of Japan.
Ans- Tokyo.

Q3. The largest city in Japan.

Q4. What is the National language of Japan?
Ans- Japanese.

Q5.Demonym ___
Ans- Japanese.

Q6.Emperor of Japan___.
Ans- Naruhito.

Q7. Prime Minister of Japan
Ans- Fumio Kishida.

Q8.Deputy Prime Minister of Japan.
Ans- ________.

Q9. National Foundation Day__.
Ans- February 11, 660 BCE.

Q10.Total Area of Japan.
Ans- 377,972 km2 (145,936 sq mi).

Q11. The population of the country.
Ans- 126,740,000(2017 census).

Q12. The density of the country.
Ans- 336/km2 (870.2/sq mi).

Q13. The currency of the country.
Ans- Japanese yen.

Q14.Which country was defeated by Japan in 1904-1905?
Ans- Russia.

Q15. Which is Japan’s national legislature?
Ans- Diet.

Q16. When did Hirohito rule Japan?
Ans- 1926-1989.

Q17. What was the former name of Japan?
Ans- Nippon.

Q18. What religion is most people in Japan?
Ans- Shinto(51.82%).

Q19. How many active volcanoes are in Japan?
Ans- 60.

Q20. What were the early rulers of Japan called?
Ans- Shoguns.

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