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Germany- General knowledge and current affairs Gk- 2017

Here are the Germany- General knowledge and current affairs Gk- 2017

Q1. The Federal Republic of Germany____.
Ans- Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

Q2. Q2. The motto of the country:
Ans- Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit.

Q3. Anthem of the country:
Ans- Deutschlandlied.

Q4. Germany is the most populous member state of the____.
Ans- European Union.

Q5. The capital of Germany.
Ans- Berlin.

Q6. The largest city in the country?
Ans- Berlin.

Q7. Official language and national language.
Ans- German.

Q8. Demonym ___.
And- German.

Q9. President of the country.
Ans- Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Q10. Chancellor of the country.
Ans- Angela Merkel.

Q11. President of the Bundestag.
Ans- Norbert Lammert.

Q12. President of the Bundesrat.
Ans- Malu Dreyer.

Q13. President of the Federal Constitutional Court.
Ans- Andreas Voßkuhle.

Q14. The total area of the country.
Ans- 357,168 km2 (137,903 sq mi).

Q15. The currency of the country.
Ans- Euro (€) (EUR).

Q16. The English word Germany derived from ____.
And- the Latin Germania.

Q17. Who has initiated the Protestant Reformation?
Ans- Martin Luther (1483–1546).

Q18. Who was the leader of Nazi Germany, 1933 to 1945?
And- Adolf Hitler.

Q19. How many comprises federal states in Germany?
Ans- 16(Sixteen).

Q19. which are collectively referred to as Bundesländer.
Ans- Federal states.

Q20. The largest river in Germany.
Ans- Rhein.

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