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Hunter Commission- Indian Education Commission 1882

Hunter Commission:

Hunter Education Commission was founded in 1882 by Lord Ripon (1880-1884 AD) during the British rule. The government-appointed the commission under the chairmanship of William Wilson Hunter to review the progress made in the field of education by Charles Wood’s Declaration. There were eight Indian members in this commission. ‘Hunter Education Commission’ was restricted to the review of primary education and secondary education.
The Government desired that “the commission should especially bear in mind the great importance which the Government attaches to the subject of primary education”. In spite of the fact that the advancement of essential training was one of the principal objects considered by the Despatch, 1854, yet owing to the variety of circumstances expected result could not be achieved in the field of primary education.

Hunter Commission of 1882 on Primary Education :

  • Primary education should be regarded as the education of the masses.
  • Education should be able to train the people for self-dependence.
  • The medium of instruction in primary education should e the mother tongue.
  • Normal Schools should be established for the training of teachers.
  • The curriculum should include useful subjects like agriculture, elements of natural and physical science and the native method of arithmetic and measurement, etc.
  • The spread of primary education for the tribal and backward people should be the responsibility of the Government.
  • Fees should be an example to students on the basis of their financial difficulties.

     Commission suggestions:

    1- There should be two types of education arrangements at the high school level, in which emphasis should be given on giving a vocational and business education and other such literary education should be given, which will help in admission to the university.
    2- Arrangement for emphasis on the importance of education at the primary level and education in local language and useful subjects.
    Private efforts should be welcomed in the field of education, but primary education should be given without him.
    3- Control of education at the primary level should be handed over to the district and city boards.


Q1. Which year established by Hunter Education Commission?

Ans- 1882.

Q2. Who was Hunter Education Commission established?

Ans- Lord Ripon.

Q3. The medium of instruction at primary stage should be_________.

Ans- Mother Tongue.

Q4. Hunter Education Commission’ was restricted to the review of ____.

Ans- primary education and secondary education.

Q5. Hunter Commission is officially known as___

Ans- the Indian Education Commission.

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