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UPSC CDS Exam General Awareness Questions with Answer

UPSC CDS Exam 2018 General Awareness Questions with Answer

Q1.Which is a true fish as per the biological system of classification?
Ans-Flying fish

Q2.In which types of connective tissues in animals does fat get stored?

Q3.Which pairs about organ/part that helps in locomotion are not correctly matched?
Ans-Nereis: Pseudopodia

Q4.The lysosome is formed from which cell organelles?
Ans-Endoplasmic reticulum

Q5.Which causes adiabatic temperature changes in the atmosphere?
Ans-Expansion and compression of the air

Q6.Which is applicable to the collision-coalescence process of precipitation?
Ans-Clouds which do not extend beyond the freezing level

Q7.Which places of India experiences highest atmospheric pressure during winter?

Q8.Which is not an exclusive right of the concerned coastal nations over Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)?
Ans-Survey and exploitation of mineral resources of ocean deposits

Q9.Which elements will be an isobar of calcium if the atomic number of calcium is 20 and its mass number is 40?
Ans-Element with 18 protons and 22 neutrons

Q10.Which represents a relation between heat lost = heat gained?
Ans-Principle of calorimetry

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