Meghalaya- General knowledge and current affairs Gk 2022

Meghalaya- General knowledge and current affairs Gk 2022

Q1. Meghalaya was formed by carving out two districts from which state?
Ans- Assam.

Q2. Who was the longest-serving Chief Minister of Meghalaya State?
Ans- Williamson A. Sangma.

Q3. Who is the 12th and Current Chief Minister of Meghalaya State?
Ans- Conrad Sangma.

Q4. Which is the largest agglomeration in Meghalaya??
Ans- Khasis.

Q5. Where is the railhead of Meghalaya?
Ans- Mendipathar

Q6. What is the meaning of Meghalaya in Sanskrit?
Ans- Abode of Clouds.

Q7. How many civil subdivisions are there in Meghalaya?
Ans- 9 Sub-Divisions.

Q8. How many Community and Rural Development Blocks in Meghalaya?
Ans- 46.

Q9. In which year did the Anglo-Khasi War begin?
Ans- 1829.

Q10. Bhaitbari is an archaeological site that was first discovered and excavated by whom?
Ans- A. K. Sharma (1993).

Q11. Where are Muslims of Meghalaya mostly concentrated?
Ans- West Garo Hills.

Q12. Meghalaya has historically followed which system:
Ans. Matrilineal System.

Q13. Shillong Technology Park launched:
Ans- February 4, 2022.

Q14. The first speaker of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly:
Ans- R. S. Lyngdoh.

Q15. A small portion of the forest area in Meghalaya is under what is known as:
Ans- sacred groves.

Q16. How many wildlife sanctuaries are in Meghalaya?
Ans: 3 ( Nongkhyllem Wildlife Sanctuary, the Siju Sanctuary, the Baghmara Sanctuary).


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