Karnataka- General knowledge Question Answer 2022

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Karnataka- General knowledge Question Answer 2022

Q1. Who is known as the “Father of Karnataka music”?

Ans-Purandara Dasa.

Q2. Krishna Deva Raya ruled during which period?
Ans- 509–29 A.D.

Q3. State health policy was implemented in Karnataka state, which year?
Ans. 2004.

Q4. In which century did Christianity reach Karnataka?
Answer: 16th Century.

Q5. Which year Kannada Newspaper “Usha Kirana” was started?
Ans- 2005.

Q6. Hubli city is also known as?
Ans- Chota Bombay.

Q7. The first Chief Minister from the “Janata Dal” of Karnataka state?
Ans. H. D. Deve Gowda.

Q8. Nalaknad Palace is situated in which district of Karnataka state?
Ans- Kodagu district.

Q9. The Chennakeshava Temple at Belur is an example of which kind of temple architecture?
Ans- Vesara Style.

Q10. In which district of Karnataka is the Bannur wind farm located?
Ans- Bijapur

Q11. Quartzite deposits are found in which district of Karnataka?
Ans- Belgaum Dist.

Q12. Which projects were completed prior to India’s independence in Karnataka state?
Ans- Krishna Raja Sagara (KRS).

Q13. Krishnaraja Sagar Dam is in which district?
Ans- Mandya dist.

Q14. On which river is the Krishna Sagar Dam located?
Ans- Kaveri river.

Q15. Tiruvengalanatha temple was constructed during the reign of which of the kings?
Ans- Achyuta Deva Raya.

Q16. The Kabaddi Queen of Karnataka known as?
Ans- Mamatha Poojary.

Q17. Which district is part of the North Interior Karnataka meteorological region?
Ans- Bijapur

Q18. The second-largest dam in Karnataka state?
Ans- Bhadra Dam.

Q19. In Shivamogga District what is the height of Jog Falls?
Ans. 253 m (830 ft).

Q20. Alauddin Hasan Bahman Shah’s ruling during which of the periods?
Ans- 1347–58 A.D.

Q21. The state of Karnataka has a coastline of:
Ans- 320 km.

Q22. The founder of the Kadamba dynasty in Karnataka was?
Ans- Mayurasharma.

Q23. The child sex ratio is lowest in which of the districts of Karnataka State?
Ans- Bijapur Dist.

Q24. Grand-Old Man of Mysore known as?
Ans. M. Venkatakrishnaiah.

Q25. The first person from Karnataka to receive Bharat Ratna Award?

Q26. Which is also known as Sandalwood cinema?
Ans. Kannada Cinema

Q27. In which year the National Games of India was first organized in Bangalore??
Ans– 1966.

Q28. Wet deciduous forests are found in Karnataka:
Ans- The Eastern slopes of the Western Ghats.

Q29. The founder of Bengaluru is:
Ans- Nadaprabhu Kempegowda.

Q30. When was Kempe Gowda born, And in what year did he die?
Ans- Date of birth- 1510, date of death- 1569.

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