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Haryana- General knowledge and current affairs Gk 2022

Q1. When was Haryana state Statehood?
Ans- 1 November 1966

Q2. Area rank of the state?
Ans- 21.

Q3. How many districts are in Haryana?
Ans- 22 dist.

Q4. The capital city of the state is?
Ans- Chandigarh.

Q5. Name of the largest city in Haryana state?
Ans- Faridabad.

Q6. Name of the Smart cities of the state?
Ans- Karnal, and Faridabad.

Q7. Who are the 10th and current chief ministers of the state?
Ans- Manohar Lal Khattar.

Q8. Who is the current governor of the state?
Ans- Bandaru Dattatreya.

Q9. Who is the deputy chief minister of the state?
Ans- Dushyant Chautala.

Q10. What is the official language of the state?
Ans- Hindi

Q11. The regional language of the state?
Ans- Haryanvi, Ahirwati, Mewati, Bagri.

Q12. Which plain is called Ghar ( घर )  in the local language?
Ans- Giripad Plain 

Q13. Where is the Tangri River’s origin?
Ans- Morni Hills

Q14. In which district is Khalilpur Lake situated?
Ans- Gurgaon ( Farrokhnagar)

Q15. When was Budkhal Lake created?
Ans- In 1947 for Irrigation Purposes

Q16. Which Bird Sanctuary is also called Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary?
Ans- Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

Q17. When was Kalesar National Park announced as National Park?
Ans- Dec 2003

Q18. When was वनस्पति वन योजना started?
Ans- On 1st Nov 2003

Q19. Where is चिंकारा प्रजनन केंद्र situated?
Ans- Kairu, Bhiwani

Q20. Where is National Fertilizer Ltd located?
Ans- Panipat 

Q21. When was the new Industrial Policy of the state made?
Ans- 6th June 2005

Q22. When was Dainik Haribhumi published for the first time in Haryana?
Ans- 5th Sept 1996 

Q23. What was the period for the 11th Five Years’ Plan?
Ans- 2007 to 2012

Q24. Who had given Haryana the name Harna?
Ans- Maharaj Krishan 

Q25. Who was the first Advocate General of Haryana?
Ans- Sh Anand Swaroop

Q26. What is the minimum age to be the Governor of the state?
Ans- 35 years 16

Q27. When did Mewat district come to power?
Ans- On 4th April 2005

Q28. In which Mandal does Jind district fall?
Ans- Hisar Mandal

Q29. How many Mandals are there in Haryana?

Q30. In which district is “Kaushalya Dam” is located?
Ans- Panchkula dist.

Q31. How many seats are there in Rajya Sabha in Haryana?
Ans- 5 seats

Q32. Which are the hottest months in Haryana?
Ans- May & June.

Q33. According to whom did Haryana get its name from Abhirayana-Ahirayana-Hirayana-Haryana?
Ans- Pran Nath Chopra.

Q34. The longest-serving Chief Minister of Haryana?
Ans- Bansi Lal “12 Years 253 Days”.

Q35. How many special economic zones (SEZs) are in Haryana?
Ans- 32.

Q36. The two types of folk music are Haryana state is:
Ans- 1. Traditional folk music
2. contemporary folk music.

Q37. Folk songs in Haryana are called?
Ans- Raganis.

Q38. According to archaeologists, the origin of the Harappan civilization could be ______?
Ans- Rakhigarhi.

Q39. Which is the most populous religion in Haryana state?
Ans- Hinduism.

Q40. Which dynasty ruled the southern Haryana region in the 10th century?
Ans- Tomara dynasty (Tomar).

Q41. By what surname is Panipat known?
Ans- City of Weavers.

Q42. What is the name of a tributary of the Ganges that flows along the eastern border of the state?
Ans- Yamuna river.

Q43. Which is the main seasonal river of Haryana?
Ans- Ghaggar-Hakra.

Q44. What was the seasonal Markanda river known as in ancient times?
Ans- Aruna

Q45. Which barrage is on the Som river in Yamunanagar district
Ans- Pathrala Barrage.

Q46. Which ancient dam is near Surajkund in Faridabad district?
Ans- Anagpur Dam.

Q47. Which lake is in Sohna of Gurugram district?
Ans- Damdama Lake.

Q48. Which lake is in Hisar district?
Ans- Blue Bird Lake.

Q49. In which district is Haryana’s only hot spring?
Ans- Sohna Gurgaon.

Q50. The city of Mahabharata also known as?
Ans- Kurukshetra.



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