Meghalaya State wise GK

Meghalaya- Current Affairs General knowledge 2018

Meghalaya- Current Affairs General knowledge 2018

Q1. Meghalaya is a state in ____.
Ans- Northeast India.

Q2. The name of Meghalaya means ____.
Ans- the abode of clouds (Sanskrit).

Q3. Current Chief Minister of Meghalaya state?
Ans- Conrad Sangma.

Q4. When did Conard Sangma take the oath of Chief Minister?
Ans- March 6, 2018.

Q5. 12th chief minister of Meghalaya?
Ans- Conard Sangma.

Q6. Who is the new Governor of Meghalaya?

Ans- Tathagat Roy

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Meghalaya State wise GK

MCQ of Meghalaya General knowledge & current affairs Gk-2017

Here are the MCQ of Meghalaya General knowledge & current Affairs Gk-2017. these are selected by our top level experts.

1-When was Meghalaya established?
a) 21 March 1972
b)21 January 1972
c) 21 june 1972
d) 23 January 1972
Ans-b) 21 January 1972

2-Largest city of Meghalaya?

3-The Jaintia Hlls district was created oon_____.
a)2 February 1972
b)22 February 1972
c)4 February 1972
d) 22 March 1972
Ans-b)22 February 1972.

4-Thre East Khasi Hills district was carved out of the Khasi Hills on____.
a)28 october 1972
b)22 january 1972
c)22 february 1976
d)28 october 1976
Ans- d)28 october 1976

5-The Ri-Bhoi district was formed by further division of East Khasi Hills district on___.
a)4 June 1992
b)2 June 1992
c)12 june 1992
d)22 june 1992
Ans- 4 June 1992

Meghalaya State wise GK

Meghalaya- General knowledge and current affairs Gk-2018

Here are the Meghalaya General Knowledge for Competitive Exams:

Q1. When was Meghalaya established?
Ans- 21 January 1972

Q2- What is the capital of Meghalaya?
Ans- Shillong.

Q3.The largest city of Meghalaya?
Ans- Shillong.

Q4. How many Districts in Meghalaya?

Q5. Who is the Chief Minister of Meghalaya?
Ans- Conrad Sangma Sworn.

Q6. Who is the Governor of Meghalaya?
Ans- Tathagata Roy

Q7-.What is the official language of Meghalaya State?
Ans- English, Khasi, Garo.

Q8. which state is east of Meghalaya?
Ans- Assam.

Q9. The total number of National Park in Meghalaya?
Ans- Two(2).

Q10.Shillong is also known as the______ of the east.