Here are the Jharkhand- General knowledge Question Answers 2022

Q1. Jharkhand is a state in___.
Ans- Eastern India.

Q2. Jharkhand state is also known as?
Ans- The land of forests.

Q3. When was Formation Jharkhand state?
Ans- 15 Nov 2000.

Q4. The capital of Jharkhand is?
Ans- Ranchi.

Q5. The sub-capital of Jharkhand is?
Ans- Dumka.

Q6. How many numbers of districts are in Jharkhand?
Ans- 24 Dist.

Q7. Who is the current chief minister of the state?
Ans- Hemant Soren.

Q8. Who is the current Governor of the state?
Ans- Ramesh Bais.

Q9. What is the total area and Rank of Jharkhand is?
Ans- Total Area- 30,779 sq mi
Rank- 15th.

Q10. How Many Population and Population rank of the State?
Ans- Total Population- 32,988,134 (2011).
Rank- 14th.

Q11. Jharkhand is sometimes called whose curse?
Ans- Resource curse.

Q12. Jharkhand was earlier a part of which state??
Ans- Bihar.

Q13. What is the meaning of Jharkhand?
Ans- Jhar means ‘Forest’ & Khand means ‘land’.

Q14. Who was sworn in as the first women governor of Jharkhand on 18 May 2015?
Ans- Draupadi Murmu.

Q15. Which river passes through the north-eastern district of Sahebganj?
Ans- Ganga River.

Q16. Which cities are situated on the banks of the rivers Ganga in Jharkhand?
Ans- Sahebganj and Pakur.

Q17. – Who was the first revolutionary of the Chhota Nagpur area, who was martyred during the fight against Britishers?
Ans- Bhudha Bhagat.

Q18. Which of the following mineral is not produced in Jharkhand?
Ans- Petroleum.

Q19. Who started the famous TISCO factory in Jharkhand?
Ans- Jamshedji9 Tata.

Q20. The eastern state of Jharkhand?
Ans- West Bengal.

Q21. The Hottest month of Jharkhand state?
Ans- May.

Q22. Parasnath Hill is also recognized as?
Ans- Sri Sammed Sikharji.

Q23.In which district of Jharkhand is the Parasnath hill located?
Ans- Giridih dist.

Q24. The Tagore Hill is also recognized as?
Ans- Morabadi Hill.

Q25. When did the Tana Bhagat movement take place?
Ans- 1913-1914.

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