International Current Affairs General Knowledge 2018

International Current Affairs General Knowledge 2018

International Current Affairs: GK Questions And Answer 2018

Q1.Who has been appointed as the new National Security Adviser to US President Donald Trump?
Ans-John R Bolton

Q2.Which country becomes the 1st country in the world to Abolish Same-Sex Marriage?

Q3.Which city topped the Mercer Quality of Living Survey 2018?
Ans-Vienna, Austria

Q4.The 1st-ever crime-free zone along the International border between India and which county has launched?

Q5.European Union recently signed the agreement on sharing earth observation data with which country?

Q6.Which country has allowed women to open the business without any male consent?
Ans-Saudi Arabia

Q7.Which social media platform has been accused of the data breach in relation to the Cambridge Analytica controversy?

Q8.Which country hosted the Syrian National dialogue Congress 2018?

Q9.Which nation blocked UN Security Council’s recent meeting on the human rights situation in Syria?

Q10.Which nation’s court has begun considering the possibility of banning diesel cars entirely to lower air pollution?

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