101 The acid used in a car battery is Sulphuric acid
102 The system for writing by blind people was invented by Louis Braille
103 The parachute was used for the first time by J.P.Blanchard
104 The German physicit who first demonstrated the existence of Radio waves was Henrich Hertz
105 The instrument that records the intensity of earthquakes is Seismograph
106 The laws of floating bodies was discovered by Archimedes
107 The density of milk is measured by a Lactometer
108 Fountain pen was invented by L.E.Waterman
109 The instrument used to measure the pressure of gases is the Monometer
110 Bhaskara I was a famous Astronomer
111 The first atomic power station established in India was the Tarapore Atomic Power Station
112 The role of heredity was demonstrated by Mendel
113 The instrument used to measure the concentration of salt water is the Salinometer
114 Spectroscopy is the study of Anders John Angstrom
115 Dactylography is the study of Finger Prints
116 A tangent galvanometer is used to study the Strength of direct current
117 The fruit of Oak is called Acron
118 ZETA stands for Zero Energy Thermonuclear Assembly
119 The formula C6H5OH stands for Phenol
120 Michael Faraday worked as an assistant under another scientist whose name was Sir Humphry Davy
121 Vulcanised rubber was invented by Charles Goodyear
122 The symbol Zn stands for Zinc
123 The symbol He stands for Helium
124 Celluloid was invented by A.Parker
125 Glider was invented by Sir George Caley
126 Safety matches was invented by J.E.Lundstrom
127 Radio valve was invented by Sir J.A.Fleming
128 Space Applications Centre is located at Ahmedabad
129 Atomic Energy Commission is located at Mumbai
130 Dynamics is the study of Movements of bodies
131 Statics is the study of Forces acting on bodies at rest
132 Mechanics is the study of Forces acting on bodies
133 Zoology is the study of Animal life
134 Botany is the study of Plant life
135 Psychology is the study of Human mind
136 The first American to orbit earth was John H.Glen
137 The electro-cardiograph was invented by William Einthoven
138 The molecular formula of cane sugar is C12H22O11
139 A compound which contains only hydrogen and Carbon is called a Hydrocarbon
140 The liquid used to preserve specimens of plans and animals is Formalin
141 The law of segregaton was propounded by Mendel
142 Auriscope is used to detect Ear disorders
143 The three states of matter are Solid,liquid and gas
144 The scientific name for blood platelets is Thrombocytes
145 The response of a plant to heat is called Thermotropism
146 The response of a plant to touch is called Trigmotropism
147 The symbol Zr stands for Zirconium
148 Nickel was discovered by Cronstledt
149 Manganese was discovered by Gahn
150 The common name for pottasium carbonate is Potash


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