Art & Culture General Knowledge

Indian Art & Culture General Awareness Questions & Answer

Indian Art & Culture General Awareness Questions & Answer

Q1.The Ranganath Temple is situated at


Q2.What is ‘Vishva Mohini’?

Ans-The title given to Lata Mangeshkar for her contribution to music

Q3.Who is considered the father of Sahatara (Sitar)?

Ans-Amir Khusro

Q4.Which has been the field of activity of Pt. Bhimsen Joshi?

Ans-Classical music (Vocal)

Q5.Where did the dance form ‘Mohini Attam’ develop?


Q6.Yamini Krishna Murthy is famous for which style of dancing?


Q7.Which is the most ancient musical instrument of India?


Q8.Who is believed to have created the ragga ‘Miyan Ki Malhar’?


Q9.With which musical instrument is Hari Prasad Chaurasia associated?


Q10.How many strings are on a Sarod?


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