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Art & Culture General Knowledge History India

IADP- Intensive Agriculture Development Program 1960

IADP- Intensive Agriculture Development Program 1960

  • IADP was the first major experiment of the Indian government in the field of agriculture.
  • IADP Program was launched as the first major experiment in intensive agriculture development in the year 1960.
  • When IADP was taken up in 1961 and it paved the way to an Adoption Breakthrough for Green Revolution in India.
  • It aimed at diffusing technical know-how, credit and agricultural technology to step up agricultural production in selected districts so that it may have the demonstrations effect.
  • The government of India invited a team of agriculture experts sponsored by the “Ford Foundation” to make a careful study of Indian agriculture and make recommendations future actions.
  • Ford Foundation intensive agricultural district program is known as the “Package program”.
  • It was launched as the pilot project first in 7 districts of 7 different states. These 7 districts are given below.

State                              District
Tamil Nadu               Thanjavur
Andhra Pradesh       West Godavari
Rajasthan                   Pali
Madhya Pradesh      Raipur
Uttar Pradesh           Aligarh
Punjab                        Ludhiana
Bihar                           Shahabad

General knowledge Question/Answers about Intensive Agriculture Development Program(IADP)

Q1- IADP__
Ans- Intensive Agriculture Development Program.

Q2. Ford Foundation is also known as-
Ans- Package Program.

Q3. The team Ford Foundation visited India early in___.

Q4. IADP was the first major experiment of Indian government in the field of
Ans- Agriculture.

Q5. Package programme was launched in their districts in___.
Ans- 1960.

MRTP act– Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices act 1969

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