Q11.Kilowatt-hour is the unit of

Q12.Shaving mirror is

Q13.What is a neuron?
Ans-Basic unit of nervous system

Q14.The word ‘insolation’ means
Ans-Incoming solar radiation

Q15.The abbreviation LHC stands for which machine?
Ans-Large Hadron Collider

Q16.What is found in frequency modulation?
Ans-Fixed frequency

Q17.Why the needle of iron swims on the water surface when it is kept gently?
Ans-Due to surface tension

Q18.The mass of a star is two times the mass of the Sun.How will it come to an end?
Ans-Neutron Star

Q19.One Kilowatt hour is equal to….
Ans-3.6 Mega Joule

Q20.What is the minimum escape velocity of the rocket to be launched into space?

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