Human body parts- General knowledge question with answers

Q1. The human body is the entire structure of ____.
Ans- A human being.

Q2. It is composed of many different types of___.
Ans- Cells.

Q3. The study of the human body____.
Ans- Involves anatomy, physiology, histology,

Q4. The human body is composed of elements including_____.
Ans- Hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, calcium, and phosphorus.

Q5. The largest organ in the human body?
Ans- Skin.

Q6. What is the largest gland in the human body?
Ans- Liver.

Q7. How many blood groups are in the (ABO) system?
Ans- 4.

Q8.The weight of the brain?
Ans- 1.36kg.

Q9. How many chambers are in the human heart?
Ans- 4 Chambers.

Q10. Total Number of Muscles in the human body?
Ans- 640.

Q11. Which gland is called as master gland?
Ans- Pituitary gland.

Q12. The contractile proteins in a muscle are-
Ans- Actin, and Myosin.

Q13. In the human body, nails are made up of.
Ans- keratin.

Q14. The number of Spinal Nerves in the Human body?
Ans- 31 Pairs.

Q15. A total number of bones in the human body?
Ans- 206.

Q16.The hardest bone in the Human body?
Ans- Femur.

Q17. What is the ph of Bile?
Ans- 7.5

Q18. Blood cell production occurs in Which system?
Ans- Skeletal System.

Q19. What is the pH value of Human blood
Ans- 7.4

Q20.DNA sits within the___of a cell.
Ans- Nucleus.

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