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TOP-100 Indian History GK Question & Answer For SSC Exams

Top-100 Indian History GK Question & Answer For SSC Exams

Q1.Who was appointed by Akbar as his court musician?
Ans-Mian Tansen

Q2.Buddha gave his 1st sermon at the Deer park in

Q3.What was Hampi known for?
Ans-It was the capital of Vijayanagar

Q4.’Mohan-jo-daro’ in Sindhi means
Ans-The mound of the dead

Q5.Ashoka was a king of which dynasty?

Q6.The language in which Buddha preached?

Q7.Aryabhatta and Kalidasa were in the court of which Gupta Emperor?
Ans-Chandra Gupta ( Second)

Q8.How many times Shivaji plundered Surat?

Q9.To which ganarajya Gautam Buddha belonged?

Q10.Who was the 1st grammarian of the Sanskrit language?

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