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Aasam State wise GK

MCQs on Assam- General knowledge and current affairs Gk-2017

Here is MCQs on Assam- General knowledge and current affairs Gk-2017

Q1. When did the British annex Assam?
(A) 1772
(B) 1786
(C) 1805
(D) 1826
Ans- (D) 1826

Q2. Which state is to the north of Assam?
(A) Arunachal Pradesh
(B) Manipur
(C) Meghalaya
(D) Tripura
Ans- (A) Arunachal Pradesh

Q3. Which country is to the west of Assam?
(A) Bangladesh
(B) Cambodia
(C) Burma
(D) Spain
Ans- (A) Bangladesh

Q4. Which is the highest point in Assam?
(A) Doda Betta
(B) Himagiri
(C) Chenghehishon
(D) Guru Peak
Ans- (C) Chenghehishon

Q5. Which district was separated from Assam and given to Pakistan in 1947?
(A) Chittagong
(B) Khulna
(C) Sylhet
(D) Sholashahar
Ans- (C) Sylhet

Q6. In which year Gopinath Bordoloi was arrested for taking part in the freedom movement___.
(A) 1915
(B) 1922
(C) 1920
(D) 1918
Ans- (B) 1922

Q7. Which Language is used by Sankardev to Written Borageets??
(A) Assamese
(B) Bengali
(C) Beajavali
(D) Sanskrit
Ans- (C) Beajavali.

Q8. Which Wildlife Sanctuary of Assam boasts of the golden langur____.
(A) Pani Dihing
(B) Pobitora
(C) Chakrashila
(D) Laokhowa
Ans- (C) Chakrashila

Q9. Gibbon Wild Life Sanctuary is located at–
(A) Guwahati (C) Jorhat
(B) Golaghat
(C) Guwahati
(D) Tinsukia
Ans- (A) Jorhat

Q10. The Guwahati Tea Auction was the establishment in the year____.
(A) 1998
(B) 1988
(C) 1959
(D) 1970
Ans- (D) 1970

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