Manipur State wise GK

Manipur- General Knowledge & current affairs gk

Manipur- General Knowledge & current affairs gk

Q1. When was Manipur established?
Ans- 22 January 1972

Q2. What is the capital of Manipur?
Ans- Imphal.

Q3. The largest city of Manipur?

Q4. How many Districts in Manipur?
Ans- 16.

Q5. Who is the Chief Minister of Manipur?
Ans- N Biren Singh.

Q6. Who is the Governor of Manipur?
Ans- Najma Heptulla.

Q7. What is the official language of Maharashtra State?
Ans- Meitei(Manipuri).

Q8. The largest city of Manipur?
Ans- Imphal.

Q9. Which country is east of Manipur?
Ans- Burma(Mayanmar).

Q10. Which state is west of Manipur?
Ans- Assam.

Q11. Which state is north of Manipur?
Ans- Nagaland.

Q12. Which state is south of Manipur?
Ans- Mizoram.

Q13. What is the state Animal of Manipur?
Ans- Sangai.

Q14. What is the state Bird of Manipur?
Ans- Nongyen.

Q15. What is the state Flower of Manipur?
Ans- Siroi Lily.

Q16. What is the state tree of Manipur?
Ans- Uningthou.

Q17. What is the state Game of Manipur?
Ans- Manipuri Polo.

Q18. With which Country, Manipur shares its border?
Ans- Myanmar.

Q19. Who was the last king of Manipur?
Ans- Bodhchandra Singh.

Q20. Which one is the Classical Dance of Manipur?
Ans- Ras Lila.

Manipur- General Knowledge & current affairs gk

Q21. Manipur University was established in the year?
Ans- 1980.

Q22. A total number of National Park in Manipur?
Ans- 01.

Q23. Who was the Commander of the 1944 war in Manipur?
Ans- General Slim.

Q24. Which one is the largest district by area wise in Manipur?
Ans- Churachandpur.

Q25. In which year, National Games was held in Manipur?
Ans- 1990.

Q26. Which king signed the Treaty of Accession for merging Manipur into India?
Ans- Maharaja Budhachandra.

Q27. Who are the first Governors of Manipur?
Ans- B.K. Nehru.

Q28. What does Manipur mean?
Ans- City of gems.

Q29. Which lake is the source of the Manipur River?
Ans- Logtak Lake.

Q30. Who was Manipur’s chief minister in 1995?
Ans- Rishang Keishing.

Q31. Who is the first BJP chief minister of Manipur?
Ans-N Biren Singh

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