Latest top 100 GK questions and answers from Uttar Pradesh

1. Which country is to the north of Uttar Pradesh?

a) Nepal
b) Bangladesh
c) Pakistan
d) Bhutan


2. Which is the capital of Uttar Pradesh?
a) Kanpur
b) Lucknow
c) Sardhana
d) Agra


3. Which is the official language of Uttar Pradesh?
a) Santhali
b) Dogri
c) Hindi
d) Pali

Ans- Hindi

4. When was Uttaranchal separated from Uttar Pradesh?
a) 14 March 1975
b) 12 April 1964
c) 7 July 1999
d) 8 November 2000

Ans-8 November 2000

5. Who of the following prime ministers of India was not born in Uttar Pradesh?
a) P. V. Narasimha Rao
b) Lal Bahadur Shastri
c) Charan Singh
d) Chandra Shekhar

Ans- P. V. Narasimha Rao

6. Who of the following prime ministers of India was not born in Allahabad?
a) Jawaharlal Nehru
b) Indira Gandhi
c) Vishwanath Pratap Singh
d) Rajiv Gandhi

Ans- Rajiv Gandhi

7. Who was Uttar Pradesh’s chief minister in 1992?
a) Ram Prakash Gupta
b) Kalyan Singh
c) Romesh Bhandari
d) Rajnath Singh

Ans- Kalyan Singh

8. How was Uttar Pradesh formerly known?
a) Utkala
b) Kalinga
c) United Provinces
d) Anga

Ans- United Provinces

9. When was Agra Presidency separated from Bengal Presidency?
a) 1776
b) 1792
c) 1833
d) 1858

Ans- 1833

10. When did the British annex Oudh?
a) 1864
b) 1856
c) 1824
d) 1799


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