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Here are the latest gk from Assam. these are selected by our top level experts. and best for competitive exams.

1. Is Assam situated on the ….region of India?


2. The state Assam shares international borders with ………and ……….countries.

Ans-Bhutan, Bangladesh

3.  …….often referred as “Gateway of North Eastern Region” of the country?


4.  Which are two World Heritage Sites in Assam?

Ans- Kaziranga, Manas

5. ….river flows in Asssam.

Ans- Bramhaputra

6. Oil India Company  Ltd has its plant and headquarters at………..in the state.

Ans- Duliajan

7.  When was violence in the state broke out with riots between indigenous Bodos and Bengali Muslim?

Ans- July 2012

8. The …….. is an important festival of Assam.

Ans-  Rongali Bihu

9. …..is the folk dance of Assam.

Ans- Bihu

10. ……. is a major harvest festival of the Dimasa people.

Ans- Bushu

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