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Latest General Knowledge Question/Answers from Odisha

Q31. The Konark Sun Temple was included in the World Heritage Site status in the year?
Ans- 1984.

Q32. Which poet is known as the Kabi Samrata?
Ans- Upendra Bhanja.

Q33.Who is the longest served Chief minister in Odisha?
Ans- Naveen Patnaik.

Q34. In which year the first Oriya Magazine “JNANARUNA” was published___.
Ans- 1849.

Q35. Ans- Which is the Largest district in Odisha by area?
Ans- Mayurbhanj.

Q36. The first Oriya movie “Sita Bibaha” was released in the year?
Ans- 1936.

Q37.Who was the editor of Utkal Dipika Published in 1866?
Ans- Gouri Shankar Roy.

Q38. Who was the last independent ruler of the medical kingdom of Odisha?

Q39. The hot water spring arti is located in____.
Ans- Khurda District.

Q40. When was the super cyclone held in Odisha state?
Ans- 1999.

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