Gujarat State wise GK

Latest General knowledge Question Answers from Gujarat

Latest general knowledge Gk question and answer from Gujrat

Q1. When was Gujarat established?
Ans- 1 May 1960.

Q2- What is the capital of Gujarat?

Q3. How many Districts in Gujarat?
Ans-33 District.

Q4. Who is the Chief Minister of Gujarat?
Ans- Vijay Rupani.

Q5. Who is the Governor of Gujarat?
Ans- Om Prakash Kohli.

Q6.What is the official language of Gujarat State?

Q7.which state is est of Gujarat?
Ans-Madhya Pradesh.
Q8. which state is North of Gujarat?
Ans- Rajasthan.

Q9.which state is south of Gujarat?

Q10. Who was the first Chief Minister in Gujarat?
Ans- Jivraj Narayan Mehta.

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