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General Knowledge Geography India

Indian Geography mcq question with answer

Indian Geography mcq question with  answer

Q1. The southernmost point of peninsular India, that is, Kanyakumari, is-
a- South of the Equator.
b- South of the Capricorn.
c- North of the Equator.
d- North of Tropic of Cancer.
Ans- (c) North of the Equator.

Q2. The Yarlung Zangbo River, in India, is known as-
a- Ganga.
b- Mahanadi.
c- Brahmaputra.
d- Indus.
Ans- (c) Brahmaputra.

Q3.The number of major ports in India-
Ans- (b)13.

Q4. The most fertile region of India is-
a- The Central Highlands
b- The Himalayas
c- The Indo-Gangetic plain
d- Peninsular plateau
Ans- (c) The Indo-Gangetic plain.

Q5. Which below mention city is not on the river bank of Ganga-
a- Lucknow
b- Bijnor
c- Varanasi
d- Kolkata
Ans- (a) Lucknow.

Q6. Which one is the largest forts in India-
a- Chittorgarh Fort.
b- Gwalior Fort.
c- Red Fort.
d- Golkonda Fort.
Ans- (a) Chittorgarh Fort.

Q7. How many states are within Indian Deccan Plateau-
a- Six
b- Seven
c- Eight
d- Nine
Ans- (c) Eight.

Q8.Valley of Flowers National Park is found on the mountain of-
a- Nanda Devi
b- Kamet
c- Siniolchu
d- Kangchenjunga
Ans- (a) Nanda Devi.

Q9. The Himalayas covers an area of-
a- 3 lakh sq. km
b- 4 lakh sq. km
c- 5 lakh sq. km
d- 6 lakh sq. km.
Ans- 5 lakh sq. km.

Q10.Tadoba national park known for sheltering tiger panther and bear is:
a- Karnataka.
b- Assam.
c- Tamil Nadu.
d- Chandrapur (Maharashtra).
Ans- (d) Chandrapur (Maharashtra).

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