Q41. The function of hemoglobin is-
Ans- Transport oxygen.

Q42. The immune system consists of the__.
Ans- White blood cells.

Q43. What is the brain of the cell?
Ans- Nucleus.

Q44. The father of anatomy?
Ans- Aristotle.

Q45.Blood is filtered through the___.
Ans- kidneys and liver.

Q46.What is the length of the stomach?
Ans- 25 cm.

Q47. Which is the smallest bone in the human body?
Ans- Stapes.

Q48. The secretion of the lacrimal gland is?
Ans- Tear.

Q49. Which part of the human body produces voice?
Ans- vocal cord.

Q50. The special senses consist of ___.
Ans- Vision, hearing, taste, and smell.

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