Q21. The body consists of many different types of of____.
Ans- Tissue.

Q22. The pituitary gland is situated in.
Ans- The base of the brain.

Q23. In man the normal number of chromosomes is___.
Ans- 46.

Q24.The name of the covering of the central nervous system is?
Ans- meninges.

Q25. Which part of the brain controls anger, fear, body temperature?
Ans- Hypothalamus.

Q26. In Human Respiratory system which part is called as Windpipe?
Ans- Trachea.

Q27. What is the function of the retina?
Ans- To create a reflection of an image.

Q28. Dehydration in the human body is caused due to the loss of –
Ans- Water.

Q29. What is the Ph of urine?
Ans- 6.

Q30. What is the covering of the heart?
Ans- Pericardium.

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