History of Science-
science is knowledge of the world of nature. or investigation of the advancement of science and logical learning,

including both the common sciences and sociologies, There are many regularities in nature that

human kind has had to recognize for survival since the emergence of Homo sapiens as a species.

A few movements, similar to the every day “movement” of the Sun, are easy to watch, while others,

similar to the yearly “movement” of the Sun, are much more troublesome.
Both movements relate with essential earthly occasions. Day and night give the essential cadence of human presence.

The seasons decide the movement of creatures whereupon people have depended for
centuries for survival.

With the development of horticulture, the seasons turned out to be much more significant, for inability to perceive the best possible time for planting could prompt to starvation.

Science characterized just as learning of regular procedures is widespread among mankind, and it has existed since the beginning of human presence.

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