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Fathers of different fields- General knowledge Question answers

Q31. Father of Plastic Surgery:
Ans- Sir Harold Gillies.

Q32. Who is the Father of Computer:
Ans- Charles Babbage.

Q33. Father of Ayurveda:
Ans- Dhanwantari.

Q34. Father of Polio Vaccine:
Ans- Jonas Salk.

Q35. Father of Biodiversity::
Ans- EO Wilson.

Q36. Father of Homeopathy:
Ans- Hahnemann.

Q37. Father of Modern Economics:
Ans- Adam Smith.

Q38. Father of the Pentium Chip:
Ans- Vinod Dham.

Q39. Father of Botany:
Ans- Theophrastus.

Q40. Father of Electricity:
Ans- Benjamin Franklin.

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