Q21. Father of Modern Medicine:
Ans- Hippocrates.

Q22. Father of Modern Physics:
Ans- Galileo Galilei.

Q23. Father of Modern Astronomy:
Ans- Nicolaus Copernicus.

Q24. Father of Nuclear Physics:
Ans- Ernest Rutherford.

Q25. Who is the Father of Nuclear Science?
Ans- Marie Curie and Pierre Curie.

Q26. Who is the Father of Computer Science?
Ans- George Boole & Alan Turing.

Q27. Father of American Football:
Ans- Walter Camp.

Q28. Father of English literature:
Ans- Geoffrey Chaucer.

Q29. Father of modern Olympic:
Ans- Pierre De Coubertin.

Q30. Who is the Father of Numbers:
Ans- Pythagoras.

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