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General Knowledge Sports & Games

Cricket- List of first in India

Cricket- List of first in India General Knowledge

Cricket- List of first in India

Q1.Name of the first cricket club?
Ans- Calcutta cricket club.

Q2. The first cricket club in India.     
Ans- Calcutta(Kolkata).

Q3. The first test match played in India.
Ans- India vs England in Eden Gardens.

Q4. The result of the first Test Match.
Ans- draw (5–8 Jan 1934).

Q5. First cricket stadium in India.
Ans- Eden Gardens in Kolkata.

Q6. First test victory.
Ans- against England (Madras)

Q7. First Indian captain to win more than 21 test matches as a captain.
Ans- Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MSD).

Q8. Name of the first ODI captain of India.       
Ans- Ajit Wadekar.

Q9. Cricketer to score a century in a test match.
Ans- Lala Amarnath, 118 Runs.

Q10. First Indian to score the highest runs in a World Cup.
Ans- Sourav Ganguly 183 runs vs Sri Lanka(1999).

Q11. Cricketer to score a double century in a test match.
Ans- Polly Umrigar (223 Runs).

Q12. Cricketer to score a triple century in a test match.
Ans- Virender Sehwag (309Runs).

Q13.Indian to score an ODI century.
Ans- Kapil Dev, (175*).

Q14. Indian to score an ODI double century is___.
Ans- Sachin Tendulkar, (200*).

Q15. Indian to score two ODI double centuries and the highest individual runs in ODI is_____.
Ans- Rohit Sharma,(264 Runs).

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