Q31.The process by which milk is converted to curd is called

Q32.The process of removing calcium and magnesium from hard water is known as
Ans-Water softening

Q33.If all bullets could not be removed from gunshot injury of a man, it may cause poisoning by

Q34.Oxygen which is vital for life is a product of photosynthesis and comes from
Ans- Water

Q35.Two elements which are used to absorb neutrons to control the chain reaction during nuclear fission are
Ans-Boron and Cadmium

Q36.Hydrogen bomb is based on the principle of
Ans-Uncontrolled fusion reaction

Q37.The refrigerant ‘FREON’ is
Ans-Difluoro Dichloro Methane

Q38.The coating of thin layer of zinc on steel or iron objects is known as

Q39.The drug ‘Marijuana’ is a

Q40.Sodium bicarbonate is commercially known as
Ans-Baking Soda

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