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Bihar is a state in East India.It is the thirteenth biggest condition of India, with a range of 94,163 km2. The third biggest condition of India by populace, it is additionally adjoining with Uttar Pradesh to its west, Nepal toward the north, the northern piece of West Bengal toward the east, with Jharkhand toward the south. The Bihar plain is part by the stream Ganges which spills out of west to east.

On November 15, 2000, southern Bihar was surrendered to shape the new condition of Jharkhand.Close to 85% of the populace lives in towns. Furthermore, right around 58% of Biharis are underneath the age of 25, giving Bihar the most elevated extent of youngsters contrasted with some other state in India. The official dialects of the state are Hindi and Urdu. Different dialects generally utilized inside of the state incorporate Bhojpuri, Maithili, Magahi, Bajjika, and Angika (Maithili being the stand out of these to be openly acknowledged by the legislature.


In antiquated and traditional India, Bihar was viewed as a focal point of force, learning, and culture.From Magadha emerged India’s first domain, the Maurya realm, and one of the world’s most broadly held fast to religions, Buddhism.Magadha realms, strikingly under the Maurya and Gupta lines, brought together substantial parts of South Asia under a focal tenet.

Bihar has an assorted atmosphere. Its temperature is subtropical when all is said in done, with hot summers and cool winters. Bihar is an incomprehensible stretch of fruitful plain. It is depleted by the Ganges River, including its northern tributaries Gandak and Koshi, beginning in the Nepal Himalayas and the Bagmati starting in the Kathmandu Valley that frequently surge parts of the Bihar fields.


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Hindi and Urdu are the official dialects of the State. Different dialects of the state are Bhojpuri (38.5 million speakers), Maithili (25 million), Magahi (20 million), Bajjika (8.7 million), and Angika (0.7 million), of which just Maithili is perceived by the legislature of India.


Urdu—which is the native language of Muslims—is optional to Hindi in authority use. It was just as of late that Maithili was additionally included as one of the state’s official dialects, albeit such utilization of it is unimportant. Without further ado, the Bihari dialects are viewed as one of the five subgroups of Hindi by the administration of India, in spite of the fact that Maithili was pronounced a different dialect. Bihari dialects are thought to be gotten from the dialect of the recent Magadha state, Magadhi Prakrit, alongside Assamese, Bengali, and Odia. Surajpuri is talked in northeastern areas, for example, Kishanganj.

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