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Canada- General knowledge & current affairs Gk-2017

Q11. Prime Minister of the country.
Ans- Justin Trudeau.

Q12. Governor General of the country.
Ans- David Johnston.

Q13. Chief Justice of the country.
Ans- Beverley McLachlin.

Q14. In Canada, Legislature Upper House is called?
Ans- Senate.

Q15. In Canada, Legislature Lower House is called?
Ans- House of Commons.

Q16. The population of the country?
Ans- 35,151,728 (2016 census).

Q17. The currency of the country.
Ans- Canadian dollar ($) (CAD).

Q18. How many states (Provinces) are there in Canada?
Ans- 10 States.

Q19. Which city is the capital of British Columbia province of Canada?
Ans- Victoria.

Q20. What date is Canada Day celebrated?
Ans- 1 July.

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