Aasam State wise GK

Basic General Knowledge Questions and Answers from Assam

1-Who founded the Barpeta Satra?
Ans-Sri Sri Madhabdeva.

2-Who planned a bridge over Brahmaputra during Ahom age?
Ans-Ahom General Kolia Bhomora Barphukan.

3-What is Dark Age of Assamese language?
Ans- 37 (1836 to 1873)

4-Which Ahom King was known as Bhaga Raja?
Ans-Swargadeo Jayaditya Singha or Suramphaa.

5-What is Apong?
Ans- Rice beer.

6-What is Deodhani Nritya?
Ans- Traditional dance of Assam.

7-What is Ojapali?
Ans- An unique traditional folk dance.

8-What is Mising Autonomous Council?
Ans-(MAC) is an autonomous administrative division in the state of Assam.

9- What is Ali-Ai-Ligang?
Ans –Spring-time seed sowing festival celebrated by Mising tribe of Assam.

10- What is Naam Ghosa?
Ans- Vaishnavite scripture written by Mahapurush Madhavdeva in Sixteenth century.

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